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Trusted Guidance Throughout The Divorce Process

Even if you are the one who wants it, divorce is hard both emotionally and financially. But as you look to the future, it’s important to make good choices now about issues such as property division or child custody.

At Feeman Law Offices, in Lebanon, we can help you protect your interests and seek solutions that make sense for you and your family.

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What Issues Do You Need To Take Care Of?

Our divorce representation ranges from simple, uncontested divorce to high-asset or high-conflict divorces.

We can help you resolve issues that include:

  • Property division — Pennsylvania uses a process called equitable distribution to divide marital property. This may not necessarily be a 50-50 split.
  • Child support — Our law firm can explain what support is required and how support obligations are enforced.
  • Child custody — Decisions about parenting time are always sensitive. We will help you assert your rights and work for your child’s best interests.
  • Spousal support (alimony) — Many factors affect whether an ex-spouse gets financial support and, if so, how much.

How the issues will be decided in your case depends to a great degree on your unique circumstances. If there is a great deal of conflict with your ex, we will use our litigation skills to protect your position. We can also guide you toward more amicable resolutions, if you and your ex are so inclined.

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