5 defenses to consider when charged with criminal assault

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It was all because of a high school basketball game. You wish you could take back your actions, but it is too late now. A disagreement at a local bar led to an altercation between you and another man. Now, you face an assault charge.

This is a criminal charge with drastic consequences. Jail, probation, fines, restitution, community service and the potential of a civil lawsuit all are on the table. But what can you do from a legal perspective? Plenty. There are some legal defense strategies you can pursue.

Self-defense and justifiable actions

Here are some of the common legal defense strategies that may help you overcome a criminal assault charge:

  • The reason for self-defense: If you did not initiate the scuffle and were merely fending off an aggressor, this is a logical defense. In defending yourself, you also protected yourself and avoided injury.
  • Unintentional consequences resulted: You did not expect this outcome. In some instances, the matter could have been directly connected to the other person having a chronic medical condition or sudden medical situation.
  • Helping another person: In this person’s time of need, you came to his or her aid in order to prevent an assault or violent attack.
  • You took justifiable actions: You had to think fast and take sudden actions, lest you find yourself the victim of an assault.
  • Under duress: To protect yourself, you committed a criminal offense. Any other person in such a situation likely would have taken the same action.

You face a predicament. However, you can overcome this situation and possibly avoid a criminal conviction.

Reduction or dismissal of charges

A serious crime such as assault requires a serious defense strategy. It is crucial to seek legal guidance to get the charge reduced or dismissed. Optimism can be found.