Are a surge in divorce filings on the way?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2020 | Family Law |

2020 upended our lives in ways that may have a permanent impact on our future. One might be a significant shift in the domestic landscape for several people. With stay-at-home orders, many businesses making the leap to telecommuting, and children attending school virtually, many couples’ relationships have undergone significant stress. People have been anticipating a surge in divorce cases since March. Some preliminary data pointing to a rise in divorce-related searches may show that this prediction is about to come true.

A data analytics company found an 11% increase in divorce-related keyword searches from March through August of 2020. This time frame coincides with the beginning of stay-at-home orders. Recent evidence suggests that people are beginning to move beyond these searches and are beginning to take action.

Why now?

Being in close quarters with another person for most of the time can magnify problems that may have already existed in the relationship. This awareness likely led people to realize their marriage was winding down, and they started to search for divorce-related services. However, people may have been reluctant to take the final step due to concerns about financial stability and the future. Now that a new routine has been established and it appears that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel of the pandemic, people are prepared to follow through with their plans.

A new year may mean the start of a new chapter

If your marriage was unable to survive the strain of 2020, you’re not alone. The challenges of the past year have caused many of us to reconsider what we want out of our lives. When you’ve decided your marriage has reached its end, you should discuss your options with a skilled legal professional who can help you figure out the best path forward for your life.