Driving while impaired is not just an alcohol-based offense

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

You may not be the riskiest driver in Lebanon, but if you drive while under the influence of a substance, you could be one of the most dangerous. Each day, countless people become injured and lose their lives in car accidents that involve drugged motorists. You may think your medications do not produce side effects that are severe enough to disrupt your driving senses and skills. But if you use them illegally or abuse them, you could receive a drugged driving DUI charge.

Motorists who take drugs and mix them with other substances such as alcohol tend to experience stronger side effects than those who do not. Because the effects of drugged driving are similar to drunk driving, here are some factors you should consider when taking medication/drugs and driving.

Drugged driving makes the roads unsafe

When you drive while impaired, the chances of driving recklessly and dangerously increase. You are more likely to cause great property damage and bodily harm or death to others. Your actions can create unsafe driving conditions for other motorists, increasing the likelihood that they will make driving errors and crash their vehicles.

Not knowing the risks in not a valid defense

When facing criminal charges for a drugged driving, you cannot use ignorance as an acceptable defense. You are informed of the risks on the packaging information for most medications and drugs you take. Your physician and pharmacist also offer consultative services, so you can discuss any potential issues you may have when taking those drugs. If you use illegal drugs or someone else’s prescription, you are breaking the law and subject to the penalties that are associated with the offense, in addition to the consequences you face for driving while impaired and being in possession of drugs.

Drugged driving carries the same penalties as intoxicated driving. They are both illegal and can result in a DUI conviction. A conviction has a longer-lasting effect on your life than a charge. Because DUI cases are not easy to beat, you should consider speaking to an attorney for guidance.