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Here's what you should know about working with a defense attorney

When you plan to meet your criminal defense attorney for the first time, you need to have information about you and your case handy. If there are documents pertaining to your case that you have access to, those can be a great help in understanding your case. Your attorney needs to understand your case well, so that they can determine the best route for a defense.

Usually, those who are looking for a criminal defense attorney have already been accused of a crime or are currently being investigated. If that's your situation, then you may want to walk into a local attorney's office or make an appointment to get an attorney on your team.

Police need a reason for a DUI stop

One of the most important factors in any DUI traffic stop is that the police must have a reason to make that stop in the first place. A stop can never be random. They must have either reasonable suspicion that they found an intoxicated driver or they must at least have seen that driver break a traffic law. For instance, they could see the driver roll through a red light and then pull them over for that infraction, only making a DUI arrest after they smell alcohol on them when talking and give them a breath test.

What they cannot do is pull people over at a certain time of day or target certain types of drivers, making random stops and looking for those who are intoxicated.

Eyewitnesses are wrong an uncomfortable amount of the time

After criminal accusations, a lot of different elements may impact the case. They could include the testimony of the accused, the statements from police officers, the forensic evidence from the scene and much more. All of these work together to help the judge and jury determine the outcome of the case.

One key point, in many cases, is the eyewitness testimony. When a witness comes to court and tells the jury what they saw, it holds a lot of weight. After all, that witness may have nothing to do with the case otherwise. They have nothing to gain by lying. The jury often assumes that they're telling the truth.

New DUI laws for Pennsylvania

DUIs are serious offenses. The consequences have the potential to follow a convicted person for the rest of his or her life. At the beginning of 2019, Pennsylvania legislators passed new laws that will make the consequences even more severe for DUI offenders

All of these new laws come courtesy of Senate Bill 961. Pennsylvania has thousands of DUI cases every year, and the hope of the new laws is to further deter more people from getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. The laws have become stricter in recent months, so anyone thinking of driving while drunk needs to think twice. 

What you need to know about DUI checkpoints in Pennsylvania

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a huge mistake. After all, a DUI conviction can lead to significant criminal penalties. Even worse, if you have a DUI on your record, you may experience a variety of life consequences. As such, you should always do your best never to drink and drive in the Keystone State. 

In Pennsylvania, it is illegal to operate a vehicle if you have a blood alcohol content over 0.08 percent. Because everyone is different, your BAC may climb faster than your neighbors. That is, after consuming just a couple of drinks, you may be over the legal limit. Before you find yourself driving up to a sobriety checkpoint, you should know a few things about this enforcement approach. 

Tips to avoid a DUI arrest this holiday season

With the holiday season fast upon us, there is no shortage of festivities and cheer. This also means there are more people out and about enjoying the season. Whether you plan to drive yourself and some friends or rely on someone else for transportation, keep in mind that the roads are far more congested and hazardous than usual. Law enforcement is also ramping up its DUI enforcement tactics to reduce the number of drunk drivers and casualties on the streets. 

Many people who end up facing DUI charges receive them without actually being over the legal BAC limit. Even false DUI charges carry serious consequences that may not go away when dropped. A DUI arrest and mug shot can follow and affect you for life. Here are some pointers to help you avoid DUI charges during the holiday season and any time of year. 

The financial costs of a DUI in Pennsylvania

You are likely aware of the numerous legal consequences of a DUI conviction in Pennsylvania, such as possible jail time and license suspension depending on how high your BAC is. You may also know you have to pay a traffic fine, an amount which reflects the severity of the incident.

However, that fine is only the beginning of a long list of expenses that may add up with a DUI. Understanding the significant impact on your finances may help you realize the importance of a strong defense in your DUI case and the importance of avoiding future charges.

What does it mean if you face reckless driving charges

Reckless driving is a criminal offense in Pennsylvania, and conviction can have some serious consequences. While many people think of "just a ticket" as not really a big deal, the reality is that you can end up feeling the repercussions for a long time. If you face any type of criminal charges, your best option is to promptly speak with a qualified attorney.

Pennsylvania law generally defines reckless driving as driving a vehicle with deliberate disregard for safety. This sweeping definition can include various kinds of driving behaviors.

The different elements of a preliminary hearing

Everyone makes mistakes, and some of those mistakes can lead to serious consequences. Particularly in cases of acts that impose upon the safety, comfort, or financial standing of others, parties may face criminal charges

The trial process can be overwhelming and confusing; however, it is important that those facing charges try to understand the process. The trial begins with a preliminary hearing, which has a few different elements to consider.

Driving while impaired is not just an alcohol-based offense

You may not be the riskiest driver in Lebanon, but if you drive while under the influence of a substance, you could be one of the most dangerous. Each day, countless people become injured and lose their lives in car accidents that involve drugged motorists. You may think your medications do not produce side effects that are severe enough to disrupt your driving senses and skills. But if you use them illegally or abuse them, you could receive a drugged driving DUI charge

Motorists who take drugs and mix them with other substances such as alcohol tend to experience stronger side effects than those who do not. Because the effects of drugged driving are similar to drunk driving, here are some factors you should consider when taking medication/drugs and driving. 


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